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Again. with some fixes.

Untitled (2.27.07)

From here your face looks so discontent
As you barely smile I bet there’s at least a mile between your head and your heart
If I could lay some steel, a railroad to traverse
Through twin dim windows into some tundra, timid and resigned
My eyes, my hands, my mouth would travel

But why are we attracted to misery in such ways that make us despise?
Burnt and scorched in the same fire we strive to kindle
The smell of roasted desire perfume the room and she knows
The growth in your heart won’t slow as the tumor still grows
We’ll catch our death in our love of the naked self-esteem we possess
Or so it seems as the snow falls in uneven reams

You can’t hide the coal that lusts through your iron sleeve
So do your aspirations rust holes in tumors benign
Or could it be I'm just as equally resign[ed]?
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