Ves (lovemuffin15) wrote,

an ollllllllld survey refitted with newwww answers.

So I took this from my Livejournal archives from 2002. the first response is listed, then a semi-colon followed by my new response. comments are in brackets.

1. Name: Stephen; ditto
02. Hair Colour: Black, with the tips of the curls crap, copper coloured; black-brownish?
03. Eye Color: brown
04. Height Currently: 6'
05. Glasses/contacts: neither?
06. Birthdate: I forgot
07. StarSign: is that the same thing as zodiac? if it is, Aquarious
08. Current Age: 17; 22
09. Siblings: Anika
10. Siblings Age: 28; 33
12. College Plans: MSU or CMU, and a tiny little chance of EMU; MSU!

13. Any Piercing: Not yet

01. Best Friends: Don't have one, never have; um. you know who you are.
02. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: ...; not currently
03. Current Crush: one of the three... ; do people really say who it is in these things? I've only got one this time around though.
04. Hobbies: Snowboarding and anime like what; table-tennis, sleeping, dreaming
06. Are You Center Of Attention Or Wallflower: I'm like Kaitlyn, matters my energy level, where I am and who I'm around...; ???
07. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: My afro ken pimped out Explorer Sport; focus (ps. I miss my explorer sport with the stickers on the back
08. Are You Timely Or Always Late: Late ;); I try and be on time now
09. Do You Have A Job: Kinda...; building trucks!
10. Do You Like Being Around People: Not particularly... I unno.. I'm still thinkin about that; sometimes

01. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: Nope; Zooey Deschanel!
02. Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: ha ha! no, moi no cry.; still nope
03. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: Well I've noticed I "go after" the quiet, not so expressive with their feelings girls.. I think it's so that I never get in a relationship with them, therefore I can't hurt her.. yet I get hurt :); what the hell does that mean, how would I hurt anyone back then? anyway... I don't think I have a type anymore
04. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: sure.; you ALWAYS want what you can't have.
05. Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: pistaccios? oh wait, we weren't close...; I'd say so, yes.
06. Are You Lonely Right Now: I don't get lonely often...; almost?
07. Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: I'm afraid I'll get a girlfriend; (I loled at my young response) no not really afraid
08. Do You Want To Get Married: yeah; maybes
09. Do You Want Kids: yeah; EFF NO WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
10. Are You British: I wish. heh...; hah!
01. Room In house: Library, I could live here.; bedroom
02. Type of music: Emo, punk, alt.; FOLK BABY.. er. indie-folk, or whatever you wanna call it.
03. Song: Goo Goo Dolls - Iris; "so you wanna be a superhero - Carissa's wierd"
04. Memory: same with kaitlyn, I also have a memory problem; anything that can still make me smile
05. Day Of The Week: friday; ditto
06. Colour: dark Purple; ditto
07. Perfume Or Cologne: Strawberry apple cranbrook of the heavens ?_?; ?_?
08. Flower: just not that one flower that I can't spell... go me....; ...
09. Month: what?; ditto
10. Season: Winter; ya know.. summer. minus the bugs
11. Place to be kissed: I wouldn't know, now would I?; lips!
12. Location for dates: again I wouldn't know, but if I had to choose I say the ski slopes buddy!; hey buddy, anyway, my lap.

01. Cried: you mean have I cried in the last ohh.. 5 years.. no.; make that 10 years, and no.
02. Bought Something: A pop...; yes. skittles I think.
03. Gotten Sick: yeah; no
04. Sang: prolly; yes, T. Waits in the car.
05. Said I Love You: I don't think I've ever said that, unless it was in a song; nope
06. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: lol no; nope (I hate "lol" unless it's pronounced lawl, and said in real life)
07. Met Someone New: yeah; yes
08. Moved On: a chairlift; my feet
09. Talked To Someone: yes; yes
10. Had A Serious Talk: yuppers; had a serious lecture...
11. Missed Someone: yeah kinda; yeah kinda
12. Hugged Someone: nope, I don't hug, right kaitlyn.. I'm just hugged.; nope
13. Kissed Someone: heavens to betsy no!; I wish
14. Fought With Your Parents: kinda; lectured by?
15. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: lol yup, but I don't know if I can be with her or not...; if imaginary girls count yeah. (not those kind of dreams!)
16. Had a lot of sleep: riiiiiight, no.; Not as much as I'd like
17. Wanted This Survey To Be Over: ...; It's over when I say it's over!

* ? future
[do you want to get married] yeah; already answered
[if so, what age would you like to be married] doesn't matter; when I can support myself and hopefully her!
[who will you marry] someone I love.; obviously
[what do you want to do when you grow up] no clue. a slacker if possibly, or maybe an official snowboarder/anime watcher... oh wait, that'd be slacker :); live and love
[where will you live] in a house hopefully; place with a roof
[do you want to have kids]yeah; NO heh. though I do have names, oh heck yeah two questions down!
[if so, how many] 1 or 2; ...
[what would you name them] Lain, Tobias; (lain is good) Loren-Tobias, Adien (boys), and Petticoat, Lain or Colins (girls)

* ? this or that
[coke/pepsi] coke; niether
[pen/pencil] pencil {mechanical}; pen
[vanilla/chocolate] chocolat!; vanilla icecream, chocolate shake
[hug/kiss] ...; if it really means something they usually come in pairs
[lights on/off] off; off
[dark/light] dark; dark
[rose/lily] rose; dark
[dr pepper/mountain dew] neither; DP, but niether
[mcdonalds/burger king] I also like Wendy's!; I also don't eat fast food
[sandals/shoes] shoes; def. shoes
[*nsync/bsb] this is a joke right... how bout.. The Used?; haha how bout Leonard Cohen
[britney/christina] I think christina looks better; Baldie!
[justin timberlake/nick carter] *barfs*; cleans up the puke
[cd/tape] cd; I'm supposed to say vinyl, I know, but I'll say MP3 instead! hah
[phone/computer] Computer.; computer!
[skittles/m & m's] SKittles; ditto
[rich and unhappy/poor and happy] ...; rich in happiness
[tootsie pops/blow pops] tootsie; pops
* ? favorites
[color] dark purple, still...; honesly now, keep track of your own questions survey!
[food]Mostaccoli; good food
[group] ? The Used; Carissa's Wierd
[solo singer] Yoko Kanno <-- werd; Tim Kasher
[movie] Fight Club, Boondock Saints, Lilo and stitch for life~!; Last Life in the Universe
[tv show] Animes count? Escaflowne; The Office, Heroes
[beverage] Sprite; Water
[alcoholic beverage] ...; Harps
[subject] ...; Philosophy
[teacher] oh god ...!; our chem teacher was pretty hot back in the day
[store in the mall] hot topic?; book store
[radio station] 93.9 less talk more rock! or something like that...; cd player
[book] Amber spyglass; time traveler's wife
[holiday] ...; ...
[sport] hockey and snowboarding; Table-Tennis
[fast food] taco bell; none
[color to wear] black; ("black" oh, I'm original.) um. any color?
[number] 5; 5
[actress] rachel leigh cook; Zooey Deschanel
[actor] Ed Norton; Asano Tadanbu
[place to eat] ...; Japanese Steak houses
[ice cream flavor] chocolate; combination

* ? questions
- have you ever ..
[cheated on a test] prolly; kind of
[cut your own hair] never; nope
[dyed your own hair] kinda; kinda
[been in a fight] Nope; nope
[if so, how many times] ...; ditto
[skinny dipped] nope; nope
[skipped school] nope; a better question would be "have you ever GONE to class?!
[stayed home on a saturday] sure; yeah
[streaked] no...; with boxers
[toilet papered someones house/car] nope.; no
[paintballed someones house/car etc] nope; no
[got toilet papered] nope; no
[got in trouble with the police] yeah; yes
[if so, for what] speeding of course; going in the girls' sauna
[stolen something] nope; no
[broken a bone] collerbone; ditto, but learn to spell collarbone correctly will ya?
[cheated on a bf/gf] nope.; never!
[fell asleep in class] everyday; yes
[gone to jail/juvenile] Nope; no
[been in the hospital] many a time; ditto
[flashed someone] heh nope; nope
[kissed someone of the same sex] ...; in your dreams
[gotten lost on a vacation] prolly; sure?

* ? other questions
[do you have a car] yup; yes
[if so, what kind of car do you have] explorer sport; focus
[what kind of car do you want] convertable; (again with the spelling) anything that runs
[do you think you will ever get your dream car] nope; I don't usually dream about cars
[do you wish u were older/younger] not really...; younger so I could not make as many mistakes as I have
[if so, what age and why] ....; young enough
[do you drink] nope; occasionally I drink a lot.
[do you smoke] nope; mugwort
[do you cuss] I quit, for the second time; I haven't since I took this the first time
[do you consider yourself attractive] not at all...; my hair maybe.. since other people say so
[do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy] kinda; I try to be
[do you have a cd burner] yup; yes
[what did you do yesterday] went snowboarding, killed myself; christine's bonfire and fireworks
[what did you do today] no where!; slept and watched star wars
[what are you doing tomorrow] school; sleeping and writing a paper, or do you mean on tuesday? then work.
[what are you doing this weekend] ?; dunno
[what did you do last weekend] hrm?; GRAPE EXPECTATIONS! ftw
[what are you gonna do when this is over] ?; find something else to waste my time with

* ? the last
[thing you ate] Mostaccoli; ice cream
[thing you drank] water; ditto
[song you heard] Don't the japanese font to type the name in...; Deb Talan - Cherry Trees
[show you watched] Taken; (Taken was a good show) star wars episode III until it broke
[thing you said] "nope"; good night
[person you saw] Christine; Lauren L. (aka. L-Dizzle42O)
[person who called you] Christine; holy crap, Christine!
[person you called] I have no clue; L-Dizzle42O
[person you hugged] Once again, I don't hug right?; that's a good question... I don't remember the last person I hugged...
[last car you rode in] Mine.; ditto
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