Ves (lovemuffin15) wrote,


Home for the holidays

Home for the holidays and the streets are always familiar
Each curve is expected, anticipated and has been traversed before
Lawn ornaments are usually the first to welcome me
They salute my return to a house too big to hold in any kind warmth

Home for the holidays and there’s always something to get me down
Some memory or ghost haunting my brain and fingertips
Some amount of will that will never be enough to turn a head
Some word that will never describe what it feels like

Home for the holidays and my loved ones are supposed to be here
But I walk into an empty house with a dog and fish
Two more specters walk around saying my name
But I can never hear them; my ears are filled with plastic noise

Home for the holidays and everything I have is right in front of me
I’m reminded about how much means so little to me
This place, some things and these people
They’ll never be mine

Home for the holidays
And I can’t help but feel
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